Wednesday, January 27, 2010

black and white

you may have noticed that i'm drawn to things black and white, so no surprises here, that this is a glimpse of my ideal future home.

mmmmm black stained wooden floorboards... devine.

home designed by stephanie wirth via janel laban.

a letter to france

dear savings money for europe,

i hope you understand.

Friday, January 15, 2010

time to get a clock

ive gone cuckoo looking for innovative and contemporary clock designs.

some worth mentioning are
the cuckoo meridiana clock- a clean cut clock with a working chirping cuckoo bird.
the progetti random wall clock - a timepiece made from 13 separate blocks. keep them close or spread them as far apart as you desire.
the clocky - an adorable alarm clock that rolls straight off your desk to get you out of bed.
the Cuckoo Forest Clock - a modernised silhouette design of a traditional cuckoo wall clock.

VITA - art installation

apologies for such a post drought! but here is what i've been too busy with!

the uni girls and i collaboratively constructed an immersive environment that asks what is the natural and what is the unnatural? what is the animate and what is the inanimate? what is the old and what is the new?
using recyclable mundane objects, suspension, sounds and lighting we created an artistic interior installation, incorporating ideas of life and death, birth and re-birth.

who knew what you could do with a truck load of plastic cups?

VITA was showing at the deakin campus in burwood in 2009.
for any further information or commercial inquiries don't hesitate to e-mail me.