Thursday, November 25, 2010

oh my claws!

this find via bona drag deserved it's own post.

a brilliant collaboration between pamela love and black sheep prodigal sons.

the claws are carved out of 10-30,000 year old fossilized Siberian woolly mammoth tusk bark. the cuff is oxidized solid sterling silver, with 6 small black diamonds set as a triangle on the palm of the talon. limited to 14 pieces, numbered in scrimshaw on one of the claws. comes with a 4 inch glass dome and black wood base display with laser engraving.

absolutely magnificent.

can someone lend me $2950 please? i'll pay you back later...


bona drag is an online boutique showcasing a tightly curated collection of fashions and collectables.
i clicked on the jewellery link and... just wow.

double wire chain ring by made her think in new york

vermeil web necklace by arielle de pinto

eagle earrings by iosselliani

riot bracelet by bliss lau

twisted chain belt by bliss lau

bronze picado necklace by pamela love

so santa.. you know what to do!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

summertime swimmers

considering this as my new summer sensation!

note: don't buy this, or any item from
long story short- my saga with them lasted three months, and in the end i never received my item and lost $50 worth of my payment.
-end vent-

but great suit!